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About Us

Welcome to Paul-Ragdoll kittens

We are a TICA registered and AVA licensed Ragdoll Cattery. Our Ragdoll kittens come from well respected and healthy bloodlines around the world. All our cats are HCM and PKD negative. Our goal is to offer healthy, loving and well socialised Ragdoll kittens with all the love and care our family can provide without compromise.


Located in Wahroonga, Sydney, we have been a registered breeder selling pedigree ragdoll kittens since 2012. Our cats are family pets and we got into it as a way to teach our kids about caring for animals. Our genetics include all four colours of Seal, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac. We have Pointed, Mitted and Bicolour variations as well as the pattern known as Tabby or Lynx across these types.

We have kittens !

Discover the irresistible kittens from the paul-ragdoll kittens and see why they are so exceptional. You will find these cute little kittens in all kinds of rare and spectacular colors. Who knows? You might even find the Ragdoll kitten of your dreams!

About Ragdoll

Ragdoll are a special breed of cat, named because they flop when picked up, they are very easy going. They are friendly by nature, tolerant of small children and other pets, love to be around people and are totally fine with being indoor cats, happy to be left alone all day, ready to welcome you home. Yes, they all have blue eyes, otherwise they aren’t Ragdoll.
Each cat has its own personality, our oldest girl still treats the kids like kittens and will do the rounds saying goodnight to them, she even licks and cleans their hair!


The Ragdoll is a large, affectionate, semi-longhaired cat that originated from California. The founder of the breed Ann Baker developed the breed focusing firstly on their affectionate, loving temperament followed by their luxurious coat and beautiful markings. As a slow developing breed, the Ragdoll only becomes more beautiful as they grow.

Our Ragdolls get along well with children and other pets, including dogs, often living up to their name as ragdolls and flop in the arms of their humans. Their relaxed, happy and affectionate nature makes them great companions in the busy modern household.


Ragdolls are often called puppy cats because they simply love human companionship. These loving fluffballs greet their humans at the door and are always following their humans around the home, even to the bathroom 😉 They are also intelligent and quickly learn to interact with their humans through games like fetch. At the same time, the Ragdoll’s laidback disposition and quiet nature allows them to feel easily contented when left alone while their humans are busy at work. They spend their time alone relaxing, amusing themselves and patiently waiting for their human’s return. Do come by our weekly Play Sessions to experience the Ragdoll temperament in person.


Cats are relatively low maintenance compared to dogs that require walking, training etc. They do however still require companionship and attention like any other pets. While they can be left alone for most of the day, daily interaction (which can be in the form of playing, petting or grooming etc.) of minimum half an hour is recommended. A healthy Ragdoll can live for 15 years or more with the appropriate diet and living environment. Do carefully consider the commitments of caring for a Ragdoll if you are thinking of having one in your family.

The Ragdoll coat is plush, silky soft and easy to maintain. A minimum once a week brushing with a steel comb or slicker brush to remove dead hair from their coats will be sufficient. There is little shedding of their coat except during the change from dry to wet seasons. During shedding season, more frequent grooming will be required. Owners can also opt to have them deshedded at the groomer’s. The soft texture of the ragdoll fur also means that it stays on top of surfaces and is easy to pick up with hand, damp cloth or vacuum.

Having a medium length coat that is silky, the Ragdoll coat is also relatively easier to maintain compared to breeds with long and wooly coats such as Persians. Cats shed in general, regardless if they have long or short coat. As owners of short haired cats as well, we notice that they shed similar amounts.

Our kittens are all over the world

Our Ragdoll kittens have conquered the world !


Our beautiful little kittens now live with families or Ragdoll cat breeders all around the world. We take care of all the steps for international delivery; you just pick up your new companion at the airport nearest you. We make sure that your Ragdoll kitten travels comfortably and safely from our cattery to you.