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Client Testimonials

This is what  some of our clients have to say About us and our kittens . Leave us your review about how good or bad  our services are so we can improve on our activities

We had a wonderful experience from start till end, getting to meet and interact with the lovable ragdolls at the gallery, falling in love with them and then deciding to welcome one to our home. The environment of the gallery was very clean as well and I can tell Jing genuinely cares for these cats. She even drops messages once in a while to see whether our cat is doing fine. Will definitely go back to Playground Ragdolls should we get a second cat!
Candy & James

I searched all over Europe and America for a reputable ragdoll breeder and finally found paul-ragdollkittens. Our King (aka Aamir) came home nearly a week ago. He’s all I imagined, except bigger, softer and much more beautiful. He’s still at his playful age, and oh so adorable, wearing his “baggy trouser” when looking from behind, meowing his way into our hearts.
Thank you Jing for introducing King to our household. We and his brother Tom send our regards.

Harrison M

With young kids in the family, plans to having fur kids at home had to be shelved for the past decade.
However, in the past 2 years, the kids have been requesting to keep a dog. My first love has always been dogs but having had 2 dogs before the kids came along, I knew how challenging the first few months will be especially if the toilet training did not go well.
Hence I did research on cats – not just any cat but the breed which will fit well into the family.

we got Juggernaut from paul-ragdollkittens and he’s just the sweetest funniest cat! Jing was so helpful throughout the process (and even after when we were nervous new owners). My whole family has come to adore him, even my parents love him to bits! he has soo many fans amongst our friends too! thank you so much for everything! we are very happy with juggy!

Kimberly M

We recommend paul-ragdollkittens to anyone who is interested with Ragdolls cats and encourage anyone to attend a kitty play session to get to know the kitties better. Ps. Jing, Princess FiFi now ‘Sit’ like a Pro, and HuggieBoo had caught on with the command after seeing FiFi getting her treats. Will attempt to get them to jump through Fire Loops next….ha! Ha! Joking of course!


They are an absolute delight to have at home! Biggest decision to make is – having only one Ragdoll seems kinda lonely and yet having 2 Ragdolls are not really enough for the family either! Highly recommend to adopt (buy) from paul-ragdollkittens. You will be well assured that they are very responsible breeder with the best quality kittens and who wants the best for her kittens.Thank your ..


Our kittens are all over the world

Our ragdoll kittens have conquered the world!


Our beautiful little kittens now live with families or Ragdoll cat breeders all around the world. We take care of all the steps for international delivery; you just pick up your new companion at the airport nearest you. We make sure that your Ragdoll kitten travels comfortably and safely from our cattery to you.